Use icebreakers to attract your prospects.

We’ll show you how to use icebreakers to attract your prospects’ attention and how to personalize your outreach. I get emails or messages like this every day. Okay, as the head of sales, I realize I’m a perfect target for many SDRs and tools. If you are doing outbound, you should see this as an opportunity just like you would on your first date.

Before I begin, I want to show you the difference between a campaign with no personalization and one with it. Personalization is hard work. Let’s define an icebreaker. An icebreaker is the first sentence of your email, and it’s the only thing that sets your email apart from the thousands of others they receive every day.

The icebreaker lets your prospects know they’re not just one of thousands on your list. We all want to be able to scale our outbound, so even if 80% of your sequence is templated, assuming you’ve done proper targeting and determined your ICP. This first line will make a huge difference in your outbound. To create your list, create a CSV file and name one of the columns icebreaker. Type all of your icebreakers in this column.

You can use multiple research methods to build your icebreakers, and we’ll show you three today. The second will be how to create a personal icebreaker. One will be based on company news, and the last will be based on a job posting.

As for the first one, I’ll make it about one person. I’ll be personal: how are you, Sean? I’m on Sean Goldie’s profile. Sean is a VP of Sales and has had a successful career in sales. My experience with VP is that they usually give a lot of interviews. I see he posts frequently on his company’s blog. If I dig deeper, I can find an interesting article about his sales approach. Finally, I found something he said that I completely agree with, so I’m going to use that in your recent interview on the sixth sense blog. The people who service the customer, not the technology, are what I’m advocating. Sales are about relationships, to me.

Here is what I do when I can’t find anything directly related to the person. If I can’t find anything personal about my ICP online, I’ll use the firm.

I recently came across a sales director at an agency posting on LinkedIn about how they went from a small team in a small office to unicorn status in a few years. Again, I can relate to Leadspod. So I’ll use the fact that we’re a small team growing quickly to create my icebreaker. I just read your post about your agency going from a small team to a unicorn in three years. This inspires our team. We’re not unicorns yet, but we share your ambition. How exciting to lead a sales team in growth mode.

For the third and final example, I’ll use a job posting as an icebreaker. In this case, I found Richard’s job offer on Leadspod’s rev genius slack community. This happens frequently, and hiring SDRs is usually a good sign. This is what I could write to introduce myself to Richard: Richard, Thanks for watching we hope you found this video useful and actionable if you did subscribe and we will see you next time bye.