Avoid these ten common cold emailing mistakes.

This is a living document of mistakes we made or that we found online.

Email Subject Line Mistakes

  • Too Lengthy
  • Subject line is not Personalized
  • Deceptive Subject line

Mistakes in the Email Body

  • No Recipient Name
  • Wrong Recipient Name
  • Long Body Copy
  • Talking about product features, not benefits
  • Overly Affectionate Tone
  • No Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • CTA Overload
  • Using HTML, images or bold fonts in email
  • No Grammar Check
  • No In-depth Personalization

Email Signature Mistakes

  • No Email Signature

First Impressions Mistakes

  • No ‘From’ name or ‘From’ name is the company email address Opening Line is About You

Email Deliverability Mistakes

  • Sending Attachments
  • Using ‘no-reply’ email addresses

Other Cold Email Mistakes

  • No Follow-ups

Sending an email to someone you don’t know is difficult enough without the recipient expecting it. So cold emails fail. They are not sent to the right people and have the right offer at the right time.

Cold emails still work if they are well written and contain valuable offers.