How to make your offer so strong that it becomes irresistible?

To make your offer a no-brainer, you need to do the following four things.

  • First, emotionally sell them on what we offer.
  • Manage buyer’s remorse and refunds.
  • Remaining objections.
  • The fourth one is secretly genius, you will see.

Let’s start with increasing the value of your offer to the point where it’s a no-brainer for your clients. Understanding your target market is the first step in selling them emotionally. Write compelling copy that speaks to them and meets them exactly where they are.

Assume, for example. You’re promoting a diet.

The number one mistake I see is people going out and saying, “This is what other personal trainers charge.” I only charge this, and I’m better than them. Nothing matters because I don’t want what you have yet, and they don’t believe you can solve their problems because they are unique. And they don’t think you can help them. What do we do? Simple, we must address the mental conversation of your prospect.

Say you’re selling a weight loss program.

There’s a girl in her mid-20s who can’t lose weight. She wants to lose 20 lbs. She’s been trying for a year and still can’t do it. We’ll talk about her pain points and how I remember you looking great in high school. But now they’ve tried on your 20-year-old jeans. They no longer fit. You go to the beach with your friends, but you’re not comfortable in your bikini. So you avoid going to the beach. You avoid eating dessert because you’ll be called a pig. You’re trying to lose weight while eating dessert, and no matter what you do, you can’t seem to lose that belly fat.

She’ll be listening.

The science says what matters is what your prospect feels, so she feels like she’s tried everything. And she can’t lose weight to change her life, so that’s the one we’ll address.

The first rule of sales is to make your prospects feel understood. They’ll automatically assume you know the answer. Before talking about the features and benefits, you need to get this right. Knowing your target audience and demonstrating that you understand them is critical.

Let’s say you offer email marketing as a service.

You’re calling your prospect. Your client says previous freelancers blew it. Most freelancers would immediately jump in and say, “Oh well, I’m not like them; I’m way better, and here’s why, and I charge less, and I’m reliable, and…” Features and benefits are irrelevant here. You haven’t sold them yet. Take a deep breath and go into their world.

Say I get it.

Most freelancers are unreliable. They constantly lie and give you shoddy work and have difficulty communicating. You must always follow up, and it is never up to par. And, to be honest, no matter how many times you tell them, they never get your brand voice right.

I understand.

The client is thinking, Oh my god, someone finally understands me because you demonstrated understanding of their reality in 5-10 seconds. They’ll say, “Oh, he gets it because of what you just said.”

What do you think they’ll decide? You have extensive industry knowledge and experience. Two, you’re not like other freelancers who are late, don’t capture the brand voice, are unreliable. You made them understand this without you having to hard-sell yourself.

After we’ve sold them emotionally, they feel understood. You seem to understand and have a solution. The prospect is now hyper-alert. Now you can discuss your work and the benefit of working with you.

So in the fat loss example, you jump in and say, okay, usually my hourly rate is $1,000. But, you know, I’m determined to get 50 people in the best shape of their lives for this new case study program. I’ll give those 50 people personalized meal plans, workouts, supplement recommendations, and daily accountability text check-ins for just $200 instead of the usual $100 an hour.

Initially, they would not have been interested in hearing about your offer, but now that you’ve soled them emotionally, they’re much more receptive, and they’re like, that sounds like a no-brainer sign me up.

But we’re not done yet because people still believe they are unique.

Everyone has their own set of reasons why they are different, unique, or why they’ve tried this before and failed, or why you are no different from the other coaches out there, and you must handle this. Social proof testimonials and results from previous clients, preferably clients in a worse situation than the client you’re talking to, are a great way to overcome such objections.

For example, this prospect claims to have the worst genetics ever. My fat genes make me unable to lose weight no matter how hard I try. I hate diets and exercise that don’t work for me. What can you do now?

We’ll talk about Ann, your client, who you’ve been working with for six months. The worst genetics you’ve ever seen, she began a hundred pounds overweight. She had a history of diabetes and obesity, and previous diets had failed her. And none of her previous personal trainers worked, but I started working with Ann six months ago.

We created a custom diet, nutrition, and exercise plan. Ann has been losing five pounds every month, and she is now in the best shape of her life and loving it.

The best way to handle those kinds of objections is through proof of other people who have done it, starting from worse situations.

When people want to join my program, I get many objections.

  • I have a family.
  • I work full-time.
  • I have another business.
  • I’m not sure I’ll have time to do it.

To overcome objections, show examples of others who have done it, starting from worse situations.

Here’s a bonus pro tip.

The fourth super ninja way to make the value of your offer a no-brainer and eliminate any objections from your prospects is to remove friction from your offer. How can you reduce friction to a minimum? The most significant stumbling block is upfront payment. They have to pay you three grand, two grand, 1500 dollars, or whatever it is upfront, and they’re hesitant.

The prospect’s objection is that they are unsure if you can deliver value and if they’re going to make a return on their investment. This offer is ideal for starters who don’t have many clients yet. Once you get a few clients, I can tell you that everything becomes much more manageable.

Then you can offer them a great value proposition.

I’m that confident in my services and results. I’ll write you two weeks’ worth of free emails, and if they don’t work, don’t pay me. If they work better than your current emails, my usual rate is $200 an hour. And we can discuss what it might look like if we worked together sounds fair? It’s a no-brainer.

Work for commission instead of a retainer; they owe you nothing if you don’t deliver. But if you crush it for them, they’ll gladly pay you ten grand in commission if you make them a hundred grand.

Think about how you can make your offer as frictionless as possible, and I guarantee you will start signing more clients than ever.

That’s how to make your offer so compelling that it’s a no-brainer.