How to tell marketing emails from cold emails?

How can I send mass outreach emails? Stay tuned as I show you my system and discuss different scenarios to send bulk cold emails.

Read on to learn how to work and send out cold emails in under ten minutes. Email marketing sends emails to specific people to increase sales, web traffic, or audience engagement. There are several types of email marketing. To start, you can send out newsletters and promote your services to your subscribers. The second type is cold email marketing, and the third is bulk email marketing, or spamming. In short, cold emails are not spam.

Before we explain the differences, you should know whatever you send or do. Someone may consider you a spammer. One of my subscribers reported me as spam. He’s my fan. He joined my email list and told me that I was spamming after he opted in. The difference between a cold email or a legal cold email and a spammy cold email is your goal, the goal of your campaign.

You don’t know the goal of your campaign if you send thousands of emails in bulk. Your goal is to get affiliate or CPA links clicked. And this is 100% spamming during cold mailing. It’s a hard call where someone says, Hey, we have this offer. Do you want to meet? Do you want to know more about my services? So is requesting a meeting, calling, or offering assistance to specific people. For example, in cold emailing, we usually send hundreds or thousands of emails per day to particular people like CEOs of companies or people working in specific fields offering our services. So you can arrange a meeting with them. It all depends on your goal, volume, and interest in your email from the recipient.

We know that sending cold emails to our company to request meetings is not spamming. So it’s clear. Let’s not waste any more time. From here on out, we know that cold email marketing is sending mass emails to specific people to offer services, set appointments, or build a business. That said, you want to track your open rates and possibly your click rates when using email marketing. You need to manage your email lists.

So you need an email marketing service. MailChimp, GetResponse, and a Webber active campaign are popular email marketing companies. These big email marketing companies don’t allow cold emails because it attracts spammers. So, to send cold emails, you need a specific system. The first is to use Gsuite, which I detailed on my channel. So you can use G Suite and GMs to build an email marketing system. The other option is Office 365.

I hope you get it. Your email system is now ready to send outreach emails tomorrow.